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Welcome to our group of holistic practitioners whose common vision is to serve you and the community on a path towards optimal health and wholeness. We serve the Hunt Valley, Cockeysville, Timonium and Towson area through the practice of mind-body integrated medicine, wellness educational programs, community gatherings, a holistic pharmacy, and advanced Thermography.


Holistic Services

Our holistic practitioners come from diverse backgrounds with many years of experience and expertise in the field of integrated medicine. Keeping your whole person (body, mind and spirit) in perspective, we offer a variety of healing modalities and practices, which include:

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The Thermography Center

Thermography uses a non-invasive specialized camera to take pictures of your infrared image. Technically known as “Digital infrared thermal imaging”; (DITI) is used to detect the subtle physiologic changes which accompany pathology in the body. Examples of pathology that thermography detects are tumors, both benign and cancerous and inflammation associated with disease in the organs, vascular system, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system.  Unlike mammography, with thermography, there is no body contact, and it does NOT utilize radiation. Routine Thermography is able to screen the breast tissue on a cellular level - where changes appear years BEFORE breast cancer can be detected with mammography.

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The Holistic Pharmacy

Cometa Wellness Center holistic pharmacyWhen you browse our Holistic Pharmacy at The Cometa Wellness Center either online or in our new Cockeysville location, you will only find high quality natural vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies for your body and mind. Our pharmacy takes the work out of selecting which natural remedies best suite your individual needs because holistic medicine is our job. Backed by diligent research, our natural supplements are each carefully selected and then sold either individually or in our Specialty Packages.

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Our Mission

Dr. Ariane CometaWe are the Alternative to Alternative Medicine. The Cometa Wellness Center was founded in 2002 by Dr. Ariane Cometa, a Board Certified doctor in Family Medicine. We provide a supportive environment and healing center where conventional medical training and complementary medicine combine to create wellness. We at The Cometa Wellness Center realize that an integrative approach towards holistic health is best able to address each individual’s personal needs. Integrative Medicine is no longer the medicine of the future; it is the medicine of today.

About Dr. Ariane Cometa

The Cometa Wellness CenterAs a board certified Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Cometa treats not only the whole family, but also the whole patient.  The integration of conventional medical training and complementary medical education, provide Dr. Cometa with the flexibility to structure each patient’s medical experience to meet their individual needs.  She likes to consider a visit to her office more like a visit to your partner in health and a supportive environment to create your own Wellness Program. 

Dr. Cometa is a physician who practices Integrative Medicine through a Mind-Body approach. To highlight just a few aspects of Dr. Cometa’s training as an Integrative Medical doctor, she has spent years studying Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Prescribing.  Some of her mentors are Dr. Christian Northrup, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Patch Adams and YES, Dr. Oz.  She was fortunate to meet and study with these doctors and many more throughout her medical and residency training.  Exposure to great holistically minded physicians provided Dr. Cometa with the support she needed to study and integrate complementary therapies into her conventional medical training.  As a physician, Dr. Cometa can and will prescribe medications when necessary, but she prefers to institute natural alternatives to medications whenever possible.

Dr. Cometa graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia in 1992.  She went on to do her medical residency training in Family Medicine at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine from 1992-1995.  She immediately began to blend her training in both complementary medicine and conventional medicine into her Integrative Medical practice in 1992, while in private practice in York, Maine.  When she and her husband, also a physician, moved to the Baltimore area in 1998, she became an attending physician with The Greater Baltimore Medical Center.  Still on staff as a physician with GBMC, Dr. Cometa has been the founder and owner of The Cometa Wellness Center since its creation in 2000.  She has recently moved her holistic health center to its new Cockeysville-Hunt Valley location in 2010. Dr. Cometa is very proud to bring both her Integrative Medical Services as well as her Thermography Center to the Charleston SC area this July 2013.

Welcome aboard and we hope you feel welcome as you embark on a very exciting time in your life-as you and Dr. Cometa embark on your personalized Wellness Program towards Optimum and Balanced Mind-Body Health!

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Thermography vs. Mammography

View a great video of a Radiologist and a breast surgeon debating the benefits of Thermography vs. Mammography on the Fox News, Carol Alt’s Healthy You show. Dr. Horner talks about Thermography as an alternate option to a Mammogram or Mammography.

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