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Slow Flow Yoga

Michelle began her fitness career in the late 1970's.  Starting with teaching aerobic dance, which then evolved into instruction in all types of group exercise classes, including step aerobics, toning, kick boxing, slide, pilates and finally yoga. She has taken yoga classes of numerous types since 2000 and became YogaFit certified in 2004.  She has been certified as a group exercise instructor with ACE since 1993. Michelle has found yoga to be her favorite practice for physical and mental health.  She has completed Levels I and II, Senior yoga and Yoga Props in the YogaFit program and plans to continue advancing through the YogaFit teacher training, as well as maintaining her ACE ceritification.

Michelle believes each class is YOUR yoga--- not hers.  Students are encouraged to be non-competitive, non-judgmental---- always doing what feels right for each student. 

Listening to ones OWN body is greatly emphasized.  Students are encouraged to be loving and kind to themselves by working at their own pace and level of fitness.   Modifications are often presented for poses.

There is only one thing a student can do "wrong"  in class and that is to ignore one's body's signals.   "If it hurts, please stop"  is said often!! The goal we would like for each class is that you feel better in any way at the end of our time together. 


When: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Cost: See flyer
Contact Michelle Kelbaugh 410-683-6943 or Email: mkelbaugh@comcast.net

Slow Flow Yoga class details

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Yoga for Recovery

Recovery asks us to live our lives one day at a time. Those in recovery from alcohol, drugs, overeating, gambling or any condition which masks our true selves know that one minute at a time can be challenging.

Yoga beckons us to be present in the moment---in the here and now. It asks only that we accept ourselves, as we are, at the cellular level. If we can dig below the surface of our skin we can reconnect with the person we left behind in addiction. We can slowly unravel the awesomeness of who we have been all along and who we will blossom into by using all the tools available if we know where to look.

I invite you to join me in a unique style of yoga created for those in recovery. Each class will explore an aspect of the healing process from addiction. Prepare to be energized as we explore the twelve steps, the yamas and niyamas, The Bhagavita, The Yoga Sutras  and so much more. Cleanse your body, invigorate your soul, and awaken your recovery!

When: Sundays 10:15am to 11:30pm
Cost: $15.00 drop in / $100.00 for a 10 class pass / $62.00 for a 5 class pass
Registration: Call Mark Garner at 443-825-6124 or email g.yoga.om@gmail.com

Yoga for Recovery class details

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G Yoga

G Yoga is a style of yoga that celebrates the human spirit. I am grateful for the profound changes that yoga has brought to my life. It has allowed me to connect with energy far more powerful than human words convey. Yoga means "to yoke" or bring together and in G Yoga I bring all aspects of my life to the mat. My personal life path has been an amalgamation of passionate pursuits and curious involvement with life's abundant gifts. So it is not uncommon for me to bring together elements of sociology, art, poetry, business, recovery, or fatherhood and weave them into one dynamic yoga class. Through asana (physical poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation we will engage in a practice that energizes your body, calms your mind, and enlivens your soul.

When: TBD

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Gentle Yoga

When:  Wednesdays 5:30 - 6:30pm
Cost:  9 week session - $80; 6 week session - $50; Drop in class - $12
Registration:  Call Alicia Mandato at 410.371.6839 or email alicia.mandato@comcast.net

Gentle Yoga class details

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Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga
with Julie Snavely, RN, RYT-200

This therapeutic class will be a gentle style of yoga, designed especially for those students who are facing health challenges of their own.  We will use different modifications to help meet the student "wherever they are" with the strong belief that everyone can have positive benefits in their life by practicing yoga.

When:  Thursdays 10:30 - 11:30am; Sept 11 – Oct 23
Cost:  $105 for entire 7-week session; $18 drop in
Registration:  Preregistration is required.  Register here.

Therapeutic Yoga class details

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Meditation classes

Meditation Group:

A meditation group is an important part of a strong meditation practice. As a member of this group you will meet like-minded persons who are interested in developing their spirituality, and you will experience the powerful peaceful effects of meditating with others.

When:  TBD
Time:  9:15 - 10:15am
Cost:  $15/session

The weekly group sessions will last 1 hour and involve meditating while listening to chanting or liturgical music, silent meditation, and a question/answer session. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Cushions and chairs provided.

For more information please contact Ed Fotheringill at 410-321-0579 or email at jazzdrums@comcast.net

Meditation class flyer

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Our Wellness Studio

Our brand new Wellness Studio offers a wide variety of wellness classes and workshops.  We're dedicated to giving back to the community.  All our wellness classes and workshops are open to the general public (pre-registration is required).

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If you're a provider and would like to offer a class or workshop in our Wellness Studio, please contact us or call 410-666-0804 for details and studio availability.

Learn something new! 

Take advantage of our wide variety of wellness classes and workshops to learn and experience something totally new.  Immerse yourself in learning Yoga for beginners, or take a nutrition class and educate yourself about eating healthier.